15. January, 2013 - Budapest FeHoVa Winter Dog Show


Luxatori Kinky Killian - Excellent 1. CAC, CACIB
 Judge: Dhr. Blaz Kavcic (SL)


14th July 2012, Oberwart CACIB


Multi Ch. Egri Hunor at Luxatori
CAC, CACIB, BOB Best in Group - Judge: Monika Blaha-A
Group Judge: Hana Ahrens-A



Amsterdam Winner Show


Multi CH, WW Luxatori Zeline CAC, CACIB,
Amsterdam Winner 2011 and BOB again as last year!




Multi CH, WW Luxatori Zeline CAC, CACIB, EUROPE WINNER 2011!


CH Morgótelki Bella CAC, CACIB, BOB, EUROPE WINNER 2011!


* * *


New health tests:


 Multi CH. Luxatori Johny Cake: HD B/B
Int.SH.CH. Luxatori Jiggery Pokery: HD A/A, ED A/A
HCH Luxatori Jimmy James: HD A/A
Luxatori Jill Flirt: HD B/B
Luxatori Kinky Killyan: HD A/A
Lux.JCH Luxatori Cigula: HD A/A
Lux.JCH Noly il Mondo di Lota: HD A/A
Cserőparti Amanda HD A/A

* * *

Luxatori Kinky Killyan

Owned & loved by Marjolein Bogaard

* * *

Multi CH, Multi BIS Luxatori Johny Cake
International Show Champion!
Owned & loved by Gabriella Locskay

Show results in 2014:

  • Nürnberg CACIB - 12-01-2014, Judge: Herr Milevoje Urosevic (SR), Junior Group Judge: Jochen Eberhardt (D)
    Luxatori Erős - Best Junior, BOB, Junior Group Winner (as 10 months old) - CO-Owner: Karl Bauer
    Carra - magyar vizsla short-haired female CAC, res CACIB
    ICH Luxatori Uránia - CAC
    Luxatori Gála - very promising

  Luxatori Erős Luxatori Erős Carra Uránia
  • Luxembourg CACIB - 29-03-2014, Judge: Claudio de Guliliani
    Luxatori Erős - Ex. I. Luxemburg Junior Champion, CO-Owner: Karl Bauer
    Ch. Luxatori Derengő - Ex. 2. Owner: Esther van Meer and Ben Bost
    Carra - CACL CACIB, BOS, with this result she became Luxemburg Champion
    Luxatori Nyüzsgő
    - CACL, Res CACIB, Owner:Lies van Essen-NL
    ICH Luxatori Uránia Sissy -
    Working Class CACL, Owner: Heid Marz
    Feketicsi-Vadász Dorka
    - Exc. 4.
    Erős was shortlisted in 6 among more than 100 junior dog. Thank you very much for Kelly for her help.

  Luxatori Erős Luxemburg Ch diploma Feketicsi-Vadász Dorka  
  • Salzburg CACIB - 07-04-2014, Judge : Erwin Deutscher
    Luxatori Erős -
    Jugendbester, Best Dog, BOB, CO-Owner: Karl Bauer
    Feketicsi-Vadász Dorka - CAC, CACIB


  Luxatori Erős Luxatori Erős  
  • Graz CACIB - 08-04-2014
    Luxatori Erős -
    Best Junior, Best Dog, BOB, Junior BOG, BOG - CO-Owner: Karl Bauer
    Multi Ch. Luxatori Éles (sire of Luxatori Erős) -  CACA, best veteran, Veteran BIS III.
    Carra - CACA in Ch Class
    Judge: Poduschka - Aigner Phyillis, A
    Veteran BIS Judge: Damir Skok, HR
    Junior BOG judge: Branislav Rajic, Slo
    BOG Judge: Solle Bister, Fin
    BIS: George Kostoplus, Gr

  Luxatori Erős Luxatori Erős Luxatori Erős

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Luxatori Lurkó took the Field and Water Test in First Prize on 18. Agust in 2007.

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